Incentives, Conventionalism, and Constructivism

  1. (Ethics, 126.3, April 2016)

Promises, Practices, and Reciprocity

  1. (Philosophical Quarterly, forthcoming)

  “The Basic Structure as a System of Social Practices”

  1. (Social Theory and Practice, Vol. 39, No. 4)

  Why Free Market Rights are Not Basic Liberties [with Justin Bernstein]

  1. (The Journal of Value Inquiry, Vol. 49, Iss. 1)

In Development (drafts available upon request)

  “Rawlsian Objectivity and Naturalism” (under review)

  “Conventionalism and Legitimate Expectations” (under review)

  “Can Political Candidates Rightfully Lie” (under review)

  “Legal Obligation and the Value of Choice” (drafted)

  “An Improved Conception of Social Cooperation” (drafted)

  “An Improved Conception of Social Cooperation” (drafted)

Smokey Mountain National Park, 2013

Doctoral Dissertation

  A Mooring for Ethical Life: Assessing the Basic Structure of Society (dissertation)

      [dissertation supervisor: Samuel Freeman]

  1. -Argues on behalf of the view that the basic structure is a primary subject of justice because of the unique way it   structures ethical life within a particular society.